What's New?

We are excited to introduce the new feature on the Slingbox 500 My Media!

The new My Media feature allows you to browse and play non-sync’d USB content on the TV. This means you can plug an external hard drive with videos and pictures into the Slingbox 500 and watch the content on your TV!

·         Video File extensions supported: ts; mpeg; mpg; mpg2; mp4; vob; wmv; avi; mov; mkv; flv; m2ts; dat; asf; 3gp; ogg; mts; m4v

·         Photo File extensions supported: JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF

·         File systems supported: FAT32 and NFTS. Other file systems will show Unsupported Format pop up message

·         3TB HDD is not currently supported.

Improved Streaming

Improved performance with less buffering for iOS users streaming from Slingbox 500.


Improved SlingSync

This allows you to sync pictures and videos from your phone to an attached hard drive.

Updates on SlingSync have been made to improve file transfer speeds and media transfer improvements


Bug Fixes & Minor Features

Improved SlingProjector Photo Slideshow stability



Sling Support Team