What's New?


We've added some new features to Watch on Slingbox.com! Here's what's hot off the presses:

  • Facebook integration with guest invitations: Do you have a Slingbox 350 or a Slingbox 500? You can now log in to Facebook and invite your Facebook friends to view your Slingbox! Just go to Settings, then click Add/Remove Guests.
  • Improved Zoom control: The Zoom control has been expanded to handle more aspect ratios:
    • Default
    • Anamorphic
    • Letter Box
    • Pillar Box
    • Window Box
  • Relocated Pause button: The Pause button has been moved next to the  Time Shift Buffer control on the video screen. (The Time Shift Buffer is  available on Windows computers only.)
  • Advanced device search during setup: Watch on Slingbox.com is now smarter about finding your A/V device's manufacturer and model during setup (or when you're reconfiguring an input on your Slingbox).



Sling Support Team