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        Yes I would also like to see this available, it would greatly increase the appeal of getting Slingboxes.

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          I absolutely agree!!

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            Matt.Sling Apprentice

            Hello All,

            We've definitely heard all of the requests for Chromecast support, and user demand is an important criterion in our product decisions. I checked in with engineering, and although I can not give you a timeline yet, I'm happy to report Chromecast support is in development. Keep an eye on our "What's New?" page for official announcements.


            Sling Support Team

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              Excellent. Free? Or you want even more $ in addition to the Android tablet and Android phone software I've bought in addition to the Slingbox.


              Hopefully you'll add cast option from Android client, like what BBC have done with iplayer android app.

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                Hi Matt,


                Thanks for letting us know that is good news. I'm sure most people have added their request in here as a way of registering a vote to show it is a much desired addition rather than to beat up on Sling. I am very fond of my Slingboxes and this addition will make it even better when my wife and I babysit for our daughter!


                All the best,


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                  Thank you for listening to our requests.  Slingbox is one of the best technology purchases I have made in years.  I use it daily right in my own home to view the financial news all day long in my home office where I don't have a television.  Of course I use it while traveling as well.  I purchased a Chromecast for the same reason, travel.  Sure I could conntect my laptop to the hotel TV, but Chromecast is so much easier to connect, plus I still have my laptop on my lap to work on emails, etc.  Slingbox and Chromecast are a marriage made in heaven or somewhere in Asia.    Again, Slingbox, thank you for listening.

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                    Thank you.


                    Just bought the Roku over black Friday last year, because I couldn't stand the wait.  Noticed the Roku works fine with the Slingbox app on my iPhone, iPad, and my Galaxy S4. 


                    Have a spare TV that I can try this against my chromecast.

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                      I have just bought the slingbox and (on advice) a chrome cast.


                      The  chromecast works great firing stuff from the laptop to TV but as everyone says doesnt work for the slingbox.


                      So not sure what to do with the chrome cast for now.


                      The remote TV i am trying to send to is in Portugal and is a smart TV so my question is, will i be able to log into the slingbox site using the internet function on the TV and just view it as if it was on a Laptop?

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                        If I understand your question and situation correctly you would not be using Chromecast to watch your Slingbox.  Chromecast is a local device, meaning, you use it within your Wi-Fi network like the one in your home for example.  Slingbox can work within your Wi-Fi network too, however, it can also be accessed over the Internet.  If you your smart TV in Portugal has an Internet browser, like Chrome or Safari or Internet Explorer, and if the TV is connected to the Internet, then you should be able to log into the Slingbox web site and view it.

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                          As has been replied, Chromecast and the Slingpayer app (when released with Chromecast support) but be on the same network (LAN) as Chromecast is not routing itself to be available to remotely driven. That is different from Slingbox which has "Internet viewing" mode where it forwards router ports to itself and has itself in a directory (your Sling account) which knows where it is.


                          That does NOT mean you can't remotely control a Chromecast, you have to add Internet-remote control between wherever you are and the Chromecast. You can consider the remote router (or a server behind) offering VPN capability so you (in your hand) are on the "LAN" (via VPN) with the remote Chromecasr, but I just checked now and it is not working, the Chromecast app locally is saying not on Wifi, it is failing to work, but that's because I'm physically in my house and disabled Wifii on my Android phone to force myself to be "remote", if you're on Wifi in another Wifi location, it might work, I'd have to try when I'm on someone's else Wifi.

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                            Thanks for the reply


                            Until i saw the option about smart TV my plan was to set up slingbox to be picked up on laptop abroad and then link the Laptop via chromecast to TV.


                            I tried it at home (same network with slingbox and laptop and chromecast) and get thelaptop screen on TV with slingshot screen but no video.


                            I think the fact i have a rubbish broadband (4Mb download and sub 1mb up - dont ask!) may be a factor as well.


                            Lets hope the smart TV works, otherwise its by the pool all holiday, maybe not such a bad option...

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                              Thanks for the reply.


                              Looks like the simplest option is to see if the Smart TV route works.


                              Fingers crossed!

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                                callanish Apprentice

                                I'm afraid Randylue is giving you wrong advice when it comes to using a SmartTv and any internet browser to watch your slingbox. The only TV's that are slingbox connected are GoogleTV's that have the slingbox app/weblink using the browser built in. There are a few LG TV's that had slingplayer abilities, but LG decided to upgrade those to google's Jellybean O.S getting rid of flash causing the slingplayer weblink, which goes through chrome, to become useless. Very few SmartTv's,  whether they have browsers or not, can run the web version of the slingplayer. There are only a handful of external boxes that work with your slingbox streamed to a tv, called connected devices, but they don't include any smart TV's and the tv's that are supported require more than just an internet browser.

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                                  Your options are:


                                    • take a computer device which has the Slingplayer capability, HDMI / VGA / dongle it to the hotel TV. All laptops have VGA and cheap adaptors make RGB output, some laptops have HDMI but your hotel might not take either (and Chromecast only works with HDMI. I have a Nexus 10 tablet with HDMI and a netbook with HDMI.
                                    • A very complicated Wifi router solution which connect to the hotel's network (Wifi or Ethernet) does IPtables and offers Wifi to the Chromecast.


                                  Of those, in your situation, I'd take the tablet and the cable, if the cable works then got the bigger TV screen, otherwise just the tablet's screen.


                                  You will NEED a computer ANYWAY to run the Slingplayer app to then cast to the Chromecast when Sling supports Chromecast. All that Sling supporting Chromecast does is let you wander around more and not be so tied by the cable and use your tablet independently when you're not driving the Slingplayer app.

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                                    Great news!111!!!11!1!!!!!!

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