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    Admin password


      during setup, it keeps asking for the admin password. I have not set one up yet, is there a default admin password???

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          I have the exact same problem, I also didn't set up any password. Nothing makes it go away, tried all the resets possibilities with this box (there are several, from soft to hard resets). Can't configure the box because I can't move beyond the first installation/configuration step. I am using a mac and everything is connected as it should. What is going on?

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            I think it is "admin"

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              I have a password problem too... it kepps saying incorrect password... and its not

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                  I'm having the same problem!!!!!!    unreal...  I reset my slingbox as I bought a new router.    now I'm in this infinite DO LOOP...

                  systems keeps asking for p/w....but i've reset it!!! so i don't know what it is.

                  I've tried everything...  and I refuse to pay the Sling dudes for the right to access my system (again)...

                  Very, very , very frustrating!!!!

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                  I got the same Problem and for me the method with the Slingplayer isn´t working.

                  Any other suggestions?

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                    Got the same problem, for the last couple of months too. Out of ideas.  Tried all reset, re-downloading app, online viewing set-up (password loop), and many other things related to network configuration… Nothing works. Giving up is the option now, as I am not ready to shell out a couple hundred dollars for a new one!

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                      I'm having the same problem setting up a new Slingbox Solo.  I've done a full reset of my Slingbox twice, but to no avail.


                      In a nutshell, I go through the setup, it detects my slingbox, states it will attempt to initalize, then says the admin password is incorrect & sends me to the directly.  Clicking on my slingbox in the directory asks for the admin password.  (Again, the admin password was never set, and this same loop happens even after a full reset.)



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                        WTF im having the same problem from speaking to my internet provider they say its the sling box link, the sling box technical support says its something else they gave me a direct route to a download , as if  my system is the origionl apple computer from 1995 this is making me sound as if i dont know what the **** im doing. Sling box has one more time to get it right if not, im going to Google TV. I dont want to shell out another 30 bucks to set up on my iphone when that wasnt one of the requirements when i purchased the device. CONSPIRACY!!!

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                          SAME EXACT PROBLEM

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                            I finally figured this out.


                            Note that most of the help documentation provide by Sling is actually incorrectly.  Additionally, because your device can't register, you can't get help from Sling.  (I tried several times without luck.  The best was the agent who told me to shut up & hung up on me when I asked to be transfer to a supervisor.  Awesome customer experience, Sling.)


                            Anyway, it's confusing, but if you download the desktop software used to watch a configured slingbox, it can also help with setup.  More importantly, it's error handling seems more robust than the web client's.


                            To make things worse, the desktop software links are typically hidden deep in the site, as Sling wants to drive people to the less functional web software.  Typically you can find it if you really scour the page "Find Previous Version" etc.


                            OS X users, the link you want is here:




                            I hope that helps some else.  It took  4 phone calls to Sling (and a lot of head banging) to piece it all together.


                            FWIW, now that it's working it seems like a great product.  It's just a shame it's mired in such terrible customer service.

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                              I'm frustrated as well - I bought a SlingBox Solo 3 weeks ago and it worked perfectly.  


                              I've now wasted 2 hours trying to get this Piece of ....... SlingBox PRO HD to work.


                              No matter what I do it pops up "enter the password" and it doesn't work.


                              Now it won't reset - i've done the factory reset 3 times and it is not reseting the device, i'm completely locked out.

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                                  Dave, have you tried downloading the PC or Mac client for "watching"?  Despite the name, it can do setup & helped me get past the same issue.


                                  (FWIW, the reset instructions failed for me too, as did calling Slingbox customer service.  The best bit was one of their rep's told me to shut up & then disconnected me when I asked for a supervisor.)

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                                  My earlier post suggests that I run out of ideas. It was true then. So, I took a chance and paid for a support assistant from the Sling Customer Support center. He was courteous and rather well informed. He suggested that I acquire a new electric adaptor, which he sent to me for free, as part of the paid service.  It arrived in record time. Upon replacing the old one with the new electric plug, my Sling Box popped back to life. I was then able to log in, and manage my connections seamlessly as I did when I first bought the box.  I have been one happy customer ever since. I know not everybody has the same problem, but if this is of any help, I hope that it solves some of the trouble  some have been experiencing.


                                  Good luck.

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                                    So ... after reading this entire email trail, there still isn't a single reference to what the 'default' slingbox HD pro password is ... it is not 'blank' or 'admin'.


                                    My slingbox HD pro went offline last night after happily streaming for several years.   I thought I just had a bad network cable but after rebooting and subsequently replacing the network cable, still nothing.  The d-link firewall didn't see it looking for an address.   No matter what I did, no address.  I finally did a factory reset.   The box flashed the logo for quite a while and after about 10 minutes still nothing.   I repowered the device twice and then it started asking for an IP.   Ok, now I'm getting somewhere, just fire up the slingplayer app (on the mac) and go through the setup.   No so fast ... google around, find this and a few other threads, but nothing seems to really nail the problem.


                                    I don't have firewall problems, I don't have an anti-virus running/in the way.  I can ping my slingplayer, the slingplayer app (not the safari plug-in) can see it now and it just loops asking for a password.   The safari plug-in won't let me enter a blank password so assuming that such a *BASIC* issue could *NEVER* have gotten through slingmedia QA for the safair app, it leads me to a single conclusion that there *MUST* be a default password ...


                                    Can anyone share?   It is very elusive ;-)


                                    Thanks in advance for any insight



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                                        Seems to be an ongoing problem. I have tried to find the slingplayer app but they all come up as dead links.    I will not pay Slingbox for tech support for something like this.   I would rather go buy a new Slingbox and simply use the receipt to return this one.

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                                            I believe this is a Slingbox issue. On their support page they claim to have had a rash of people who can't connect to the Pro HD.  I am one of them.  I followed the instruction on the support page that makes it sound like all you have to do is hit the reset button, the device will download new software, and you will live happily ever after.


                                            I had my daughter reset the device (I'm in China) and when I tried to connect it asked me for the Admin Password.  I have  no idea what that is.  I have tried Admin, admin, Administrator, administrator, and everything I may have changed it to.  I don't know where to go from here, but this is Slingbox's problem as they downloaded bad software that caused this problem.


                                            Any advice?

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                                                After the reset, I had to re-setup my slingbox with the preferred IP address and port number that my router was expecting in order to access it externally.  This I think (but am not sure) can only be done if you're within your local area network.

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                                            I had the same problem and fixed it by a reset of the box for 10 sec, which after about a minute or so solidly lit up the network light as well as all the Sling logo LEDs (although the logo LEDs tended to slowly fade back and forth in intensity -- which I think indicates it's in the factory default mode).  I then went onto the setup menu on the Slingbox webpage and was prompted for the admin password which after several guesses, tried "admin" (or maybe "Admin"), which then successfully led me to the configuration screen.

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                                              Same issue - used "admin" and it worked.

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                                                I had the same issue.  I never set-up a password, but it accepted admin.


                                                Good luck!

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                                                    I was getting a bad video/audio feed and being disconnected after 10 seconds, so I had my friend reset the Slingbox. Now it's asking for passwords. I've tried my Slingbox password and my Administrator password that I setup during the initial setup. Neither worked. I've also tried: Admin, admin, Administrator, administrator. Nothing.

                                                    What in gods name could my Admin password be now?!?! I'm missing football.


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                                                    I have been having the same problem when I try bring up my slingbox pro hd on my iPad 2. I used "admin" (no quotes) and it worked. Ridiculous that it isn't posted anywhere and I had to come here to find out.

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                                                      Mine was working perfectly.  Now it's started asking for the administrator password and my password and 'admin' do not work.


                                                      It keeps telling me that I have an invalid password.


                                                      I cannot factory reset as I am not where the Slingbox is (I am rarely there: which is why I bought the damned thing!  )


                                                      Any ideas?

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                                                        Did you solve this.  I have the same problem!


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                                                          I have the same issue and the link to download the desktop app posted from the link above was removed from slingbox.com. "admin" doesn't work as a password either and it seems like 877-GO-SLING has shut down as they always seem to be "closed" during the posted office hours. I am out of ideas and would appreciate any help!

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                                                              shaysfn Novice

                                                              Hey ellevine,


                                                              Thanks for using our Answers forum.  I understand that you are having trouble with connecting to your Slingbox, it keeps asking for your admin password.


                                                              First, let me start by saying that we no longer support the desktop version of Slingplayer.  Second, when the Slingplayer keeps asking for the admin password, that is usually related to a firewall issue.  I would recommend making sure that you don't have any firewalls or antivirus running on your computer, I do have an article that will explain this.



                                                              The number for customer support here in the us is 877-GoSling (877-467-5464) and our hours of operation are 10am to 10pm est 7 days a week.


                                                              Hope this helps




                                                              Sling Moderation Team

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                                                                  Honestly, the article doesn't help me since I keep being redirected to enter the Administrator password.  Your article says to click on Settings but when I go the slingbox website it automatically tries to connect to my slingbox - which leads me back to the Administrator password.

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                                                                      I bought a new Slingbox Pro HD this week after the old one was destroyed by lightning induction, and had to set it up two times already. After the first time it could not connect the following day. Both times the password issue came up, I used the same password I use for my Sling account. Every time after it said invalid I kept on with the Go on button until it downloaded new plugin for play (automatically) and I could really go on.

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                                                                      This is not even working on the direct app on my phone (iPhone)  this is awful

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                                                                        >>> Second, when the Slingplayer keeps asking for the admin password, that is usually related to a firewall issue.

                                                                        I realize that is what you were trained to regurgitate, but it is False.

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                                                                      im haveing the same problem i just bought a slingbox350 from bestbuy in london ontario canada and i think it was a store display and i cant login and i have no clue what the default admin username and password is and im geting extreamly frusterated so can someone plese help me

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                                                                        It's July 2015 and it seems many people still have the same problem. I have a Slingbox HD Pro. I am predominately a Mac user and that seems to be the problem with Slingbox. It's not Mac friendly. I recently had a problem with accessing Slingbox across my devices; MacAir, iPad, iPone. The app kept asking for Admin password access. Tried many time to change the password, didn't work. Updating app software on Mac does not work as well.  I use a MacAir with latest iOS.


                                                                        Do this as a work around:


                                                                        1. Use a PC.

                                                                        2. Update the app, Mac cannot update. It hangs at 25%; many forum issues that talk about this. Use a PC.

                                                                        3. PCs will allow you to do so.

                                                                        4. Re-setup your account as a new Slingbox device. Means new device name and password.

                                                                        5. On your other devices set-up will prompt to reconfigure remote access.

                                                                        5. Login separately with your other devices with the new login and password.


                                                                        This worked for me.

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                                                                          I was having the the same issue about admin password and the Sling box rep want me to pay $30 because am out of warranty. I used my very first password when i set up my slingbox and it works.

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                                                                            Sure doesn't work for me.  If you think it's been answered...what's the solution?  I have the newest unit and tried the setup assistant on win 10 and it doesn't support the m2 unit?